Next MRA Meeting October

The project is complete at the Overlook. 

Randy Wilkes, Steve Robinson & Conner, Joe Fort, Richard Rogers, Jim Betschart and Forest Bohall all volunteered their time. Jim and Forest traveled 18 miles up Elk Creek to pick up gate.

Randy Wilkes excavated the footings for the 3 posts which took 2.9 yds of concrete to set posts and Joe Fort set and welded the two lock boxes. I just finished painting second coat of construction yellow and the green gate is now also yellow.  Both gates will have the same keyed lock for access as soon as I can get a BLM lock for the new gate. Gary Howard made 2 signs which are in place one at Chicken Foot and the other at 14A stating locked gate ahead and no access to Kane Creek.  I am contacting Steve Mac to see if he can get Tony Hess to set a couple signs on Forest Park property alerting travelers to road closure ahead.  I have several keys available and be sure to lock gate in open position when using to prevent someone from stealing gate slider.


The latest MRA history video is shared by Bonnie Sutphin and Don & Nancy Fallgreen.

Here’s a new sign on Jacksonville Reservoir Rd.that Jim Betschart donated to the club.

Motorcycle Riders Association History

Old Applegate Hill Climb Video

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