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Matt Jensen learning how to operate the Single Track trail machine.

OMA Race Team 331x Interview

2021 Baja 1000

Chris Johnson: 322x

2021 Baja 1000. We came, we saw, we started drinking early. Dissapointing ending, but not for the lack of effort. Only 35 miles in, Dustin got clipped from behind and got sent sideways into a barbwire fence. After some time and 155 miles, he limped into our rider exchange point south of Ensenada where his day ended. After a painfully long pit stop to safety wire, zip tie, and tape our bike back together, we decided to keep pushing and got Dave out for his first section. About 50 miles in to his section, our fuel line that had been unknowingly damaged during our early yardsale, had ruptured, leaving dave stranded without fuel about 20-25 miles from our planned rider exchange. After attempting to fix the problem and trying to contact our chase crew without any luck because of a lack of service, he thought he was stranded. Luckily a honda civi packed with race hungry locals showed up and sprung into action. They broke out some fuel line and hose clamps to fix the leak and siphoned some gas out of their tank to get him going again. All while refusing any form of repayment. Dave made it to the rider exchange and handed the bike to Derek. In his haste, Derek hopped on the bike and pinned it through the next 120 rocky and fast paced miles without grabbing the fanny pack (loaded with supplies) we were transferring between riders. Luckily, he made it through his section without incident and handed the bike to me at race mile 351. After a quick shock and air filter swap, I threw on our fanny pack and headed into my section. I only made it 5 miles before I tangled a cactus and had to stop to remove as many poisonous thorns as possible from my left hand and forearm. Wasted about 5 minutes. Once I got going again, I made it through the first offroad section without anymore incidents and got to a 60mph speed zone the highway where the clasp on our fanny pack broke. We’re assuming it was damaged durring dustins yardsale, but wasn’t noticed. I rode with it in my lap about 5 miles and offloaded it to a fellow racer that promised to hook up with me in lapaz. I finished the rest of my 93 mile section in just over 2.5 hours with only a minor detour from a missed turn off a highway (while trying to pass a semi) that cost me an additional 6 miles of backtracking. My section was everything from paved road and silty (rutted) lake beds to a 10 mile rock section that resembled an enduro cross course that passed over a mountain range and through a couple seasonal creek beds. Look it up on youtube its called (Freds Tractor Trail). I made a few passes on quads and bikes before I made it to the next rider exchange just after dark and handed the bike off to Patrick. I stuffed a couple wrenches and zip ties in his hydration pack before he tore out of our exchange point and into the night. Pat was averaging between 50-80 mph in a futile attempt to outrun the lead trophy trucks that were destined to catch him. He was making great time as he blew through the first 160 miles of his 186 mile section, but unfortunately the fuel line that had been previously “fixed” ruptured again and stranded him around race mile 608. Without the proper tools and parts, pat tried calling our chase crew on his sat phone, but we were in a poor service location. After a few attempts he finally made contact and we made a plan for extraction. His location was looking tough to reach, but we were on our way. As the trophy trucks approached, pat went into mcguyver mode and chewed off a chunk of the hose on his hydration pack and used it as a temporary fuel line to get him to our accessible extraction point. Once we all met up, we tried to mend the high pressure fuel line, but the hoses we had wouldnt fit without kinking and we had to call our race short in fear of another breakdown in an inaccessible part of the course. It was midnight, and we were gutted. Though Dave, Derek, Myself and Patrick rode our asses off on a mangled bike in an attempt to get us back in the race, we were forced to finally call it quits at race mile 619. Im proud of the miles we rode, but extremely bummed we didn’t finish. Congrats to our OMA “lites” team on their 3rd overall in class. They rode all of the miles without hitting the ground and had none of the mechanical issues we were plagued with. Huge, endless thanks to Jeff and Mark for keeping us going. You guys are the best chase crew/ life coaches we could ask for! Heres to 2022.

Cactus stike
Rough landing
Night Riding

Videos of OMA RACE TEAM going through tech inspection for Baha 1000

Here is Team MRA in Oklahoma! On the left is Matt Jensen. Matt placed third in his class! In the center is Zeke DeGeyter and on the right is Steve DeGeyter. The both of them placed First in their classes. Congratulations Guys!!!

In Memory of Don Fallgreen. Don passed away Sunday night. 10/10/2021

The latest MRA history video is shared by Bonnie Sutphin and Don & Nancy Fallgreen.

In memory of George Flanagan

Tyrell and George telling about MRA history.

Motorcycle Riders Association History


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Here’s a new sign on Jacksonville Reservoir Rd.that Jim Betschart donated to the club.

Old Applegate Hill Climb Video

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