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2018 Wild Wolf GP  (Tom Niemela)

2018 Wild Wolf GP photos Group 1 (Mike Feeley)

2018 Wild Wolf GP photos Group 2 (Mike Feeley)

Jimmy Loveall

“Hey, Sharon Loveall here. as you will see, me and computers are like oil and water. I need your help to thank all Jim’s friends for all the love they poured on him. He was a real trooper through all this. He was so kind and never complained. Each day it was ” I’m just having a bad day, tomorrow will be better” He was so greatful to those that took the time to call, sending cards and the ones that were able to visit. You all made him so happy… there are no words to tell you all how much it meant……his bike and all these events were his air….. I feel so blessed to have taken care on him and that he passed in his home. Don’t forget him, he was a real nice guy…..thanks again “





Races and Rides

Timber Mountain Hare Scrambles          April 22, 2018

May Day Poker Run                                         May 6,  2018

Matrix Sprint Enduro                                      June 16,  2018

Ghost and Goblin Poker Run                      October 28,  2018

Mag 7 –  Wild Wolf GP                                     November 3, 2018


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