A 501 (c) (3) charitable family oriented club for riders of all ages and experience

Riding Rules and Information

Rules in brief

Oregon ATV Safety Education Course

    Obtain your Oregon ATV Safety Card by completing the online course

    at https://www.rideatvoregon.org/

Permits required for all riders

An ATV permit must be displayed on an ATV operated on public land specifically designated for ATV use.

Applies to Class I, II, III and IV ATV.

Valid for two years. Permits can be purchased at many sporting goods stores or ATV dealerships (find a vendor here).

You can also purchase on line at https://store.oregonstateparks.org/

YSEP certification required for riders 15 and under

Kids must pass a hands-on safety evaluation test in order to ride on Oregon public lands.

For more details, please go to http://ysep.omraoffroad.com/

or contact our Jackson county representative:

Travis Hersha (541) 292-7268

Email: thersha7878@outlook.com

Oregon ATV Guide

   Stay up-to-date on Oregon's ATV guidelines to ensure you're in compliance and don't find

   yourself getting cited for something that was avoidable.

Private Property Boundaries

Respect our neighbors and don't ride on private property. When in doubt, stay out.

Motorcycle Riders Association, PO Box 1471, Medford, OR 97501

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